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This is a place where we suggest to share edgeryders content and posts daily, and we give you examples of posts to share

you can share on any channels you prefer (facebook, twitter, linkedin, … ) Tags to use: #socinn #socinnov #cocreate, this kind of stuff to reach those who don’t search using #futurerspotters or #edgeryders. #community, #makerspace, #learning, #urbanism tagged tweets also fit Spot the Future. How to work with this in a structured way that grows reach and diversity of participation?

content we share : please make sure its http not https when you copy paste urls below!!

10th - 12th of July (final Futurespotters sprint is community validation of research results)

The #Futurespotters 3 months ethnographic research is coming to an end, first draft report is up!

An in-depth qualitative analysis of Edgeryders and UNDP project this spring. Food for #futurespotters:

What future change makers in #Georgia #Armenia #Egypt dream of? Results from online conversation: #futurespotters

The #Futurespotters network analysis report is up! Building community after 3months of online conversations:

#Futurespotters network analysis: 128 community members, 384 interactions, 2791 comments #sna #UNDP #Georgia #Armenia #Egypt

Is #Futurespotters a melting pot, or a salad bowl? Network analysis report shows inter- and intra- country interactions

25th june

[LINK? -Said] alternative economy - open tech - rural communities - bringing organizations near to the edge- social change- collaborative networks, and much more in #futurespotters

vinay :“the edge is stormy and messy, and no one has a map” #futurespotters

تحب نتكلم عن ايه فى تبليسى #futurespotters

know what brings all these #futurespotters in Tbilisi

talk to me about #futurespotters

Serious problems contain serious opportunities…So let’s not be afraid to serious questions. #futurespotters

1st day was full of energy and discussions from #futurespotters from around the globe in Tbilisi

Thursday 19th

Leadership, Sharing and Bureaucracy: can we work together? We bet [leashless]'s session at #Futurespotters #Tbilisi next week is gonna be a hit!

.[at]amiridina is coming to Tbilisi next week and introducing #OasisGame for community asset #mapping & development

What if entrepreneurs were able to work directly with people in less privileged communities? #futurespotters #collab

#Carpooling in #Armenia: how’s it different from other countries initiatives? #futurespotters #sharing #economy

Multilinguals Have Multiple Personalities? #futurespotters what do u think

Language is just a tool for communication. Context is everything. #futurespotters

Wednesday June 18th

We #futurespotters owe it to one another to make ourselves and each other more capable and fullfilled human beings while we can

Swarmcomms a #futurespotters session: harnessing our collective online presence to support one another

join the 6th bi-weekly Georgia #futurespotters meeting on the 20th of june at the bauhaus cafe

If we are to build real understanding and cooperation, we need to learn each other’s languages #futurespotters

الجمع بين تعلم اللغات والموسيقى - اكيد طريقه احسن من ترجمه جوجل :)#futurespotters

combining language learning and music , surely a better way of learning #futurespotters

Tuesday June 17th

We’re setting up a communication kit for #Futurespotters in #Tbilisi- use it to fire up your project!

If you have a project and could use some help with communication, don’t miss this #futurespotters session

#Futurespotters event is yours to make - last days to submit session proposals

#futurespotters change makers in all 3 countries are opting for “real action” instead of just networking and sharing ideas

عشان نحقق تعاون حقيقى ,محتاجين نتعلم لغه بعض #futurespotters

Community and language dexterity- want to c it as a session for #futurespotters event?

Passionate about learning, language and creativity? this post is for u #futurespotters

Monday June 16th

We’re not livestreaming our event in Tbilisi - but we are online, live, non-stop. Follow #futurespotters w/ @adiladenwala

New session #Futurespotters #Tbilisi on beefing up your project communication with network power, join in!

Friday 13th

#futurespotters r going to cook together in Tbilisi, join in

Guess who’s throwing a fun food party with international cooking? Day 1 of #Futurespotters in Tbilisi, join us!

Coming to #Futurespotters event in Tbilisi? keep an eye on the agenda in the making, you can still put up session proposals!

education as a public good - in #Armenia two thirds of universities are private Օժանդակություն բուհերում ուսանելու համար և ստանալու բարձրագույն մրցունակ կրթություն: Ապահովել համապատասխան ենթակառուցվածքներով : #futurespotters

We got ourselves a full house with from unMonastery, Copenhagen, Brussels, Romania, Lisbon, Paris in the last community call

analyzing 11119 comments and 2415 posts 4 a network of 501 interconnected users #futurespotters

Thursday 12th

campain for ecology and y to be environmentally responsible individuals #Armenia #futurespotters

swarming 4 each other’s projects - know more from the latest community call summary

بين وضع القوانين والعمل المجتمعى مع الشرايح المختلفه للقضاء على ظاهره التحرش فى مصر #futurespotters

in between bottom up approaches and setting laws to fight sexual harassment in #Egypt #futurespotters

get to know the #futurespotters big question and discussions here

النتائج الاوليه للتحليل الشبكات الناتجه عن “فيوتشر سبوترز” #futurespotters

the preliminary results of our #futurespotters network analysis.

Wednesday 11th

Meet [at]Abdelrazik87 at #Futurespotters in Tbilisi! He’s manufacturing a special palm wood to reduce environment waste:

New session for #futurespotters event: Failure to integrate context and shared understandings in social change

Monitoring green spaces in #Tbilisi: build a platform at #Futurespotters event? Who’s in?

Have questions about #Futurespotters event in June? Wanna see who’s who and coming? Join our call at 11am cet:

#Futurespotters mentioned in FutureGov blog as civic innovators at the edge:

Doing things little beyond what you can comfortably achieve with existing toolkits? #Futurespotters session for you!

Tuesday 10th

Welcome message to new #Futurespotters in #Armenia. Register for our event in #Tbilisi this month! (double check link pls!)

اغلبيه الشعب فى جورجيا بدون سيارات ولكن يعيشون فى خوف من حوادث السيارات #futurespotters /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-0

"In #Georgia the majority of people are pedestrians, but these people are living in fear and in great danger of being hit by cars " /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-0

اعرف مين هم "الفيوتشر سبوترز " فى جورجيا و قابلهم فى تبليسى فى 24-26 يونيو #futurespotters /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/who-are-georgias-futurespotters

Who are #Geogia’s #Futurespotters? Meet them in #Tbilisi June 24-26! #Futurespotters: The international community event in Tbilisi! workshops-the-aftermath/who-are-georgias-futurespotters

ازاى تسوق لنفسك بس مش بطريقه السى فى التقليديه- من ارمينيا #futurespotters

Better design to advertise one’s skills - to #startup or to unStartup:

“Foresight done the Edgeryders way seems to be biased towards action” Where are you in the picture, #Futurespotters?

Participants needed in Inga’s focus group discussion at #Futurespotters event in #Tbilisi, join in!

#Futurespotters presented at “Foresight for Development” in Istanbul, what feedback/ outcomes should we not miss??

Monday 9th

join the #futurespotters media out reach with a blogpost

شاركنا بكتابه مقاله فى مدونتك عن “الفيوتشر سبوترز” #futurespotters

e-rain gate - automatic smart gates for storm water inlets with electronic maintenance

the #futurespotters event FAQs - know more about what’s happening in Tbilisi /t/futurespotters-event/410-faqs

Alberto is presenting #futurespotters in Istanbul at the Foresight for Development event

فيديو تريلر عن “الفيوتشر سبوترز” مستنينكوا فى تبليسى #futurespotters

video trailer - looking forward to seeing all #futurespotters in Tbilisi

some practical info to help u around in Tbilisi #futurespotters

اعرف اكتر عن تبليسى قبل ما تيجى الايفنت #futurespotters

Saturday 7th

What if entrepreneurs were able to work directly with people in less privileged communities ? in #futurespotters

ايه اللى ممكن يحصل لو رواد الاعمال اشتغلوا مع الناس فى المجتمعات الفقيره ؟ #futurespotters

Calling all session proponents at #Futurespotters event: check the draft schedule and see if it fits?

Friday 6th

What if GOVs, Businesses,NGOs, Community Residents&Volunteers work 2gether 2 realize Common Dreams? in #futurespotters

ماذا لو الحكومات والمنضمات غير الحكوميه والمتطوعين والاهالى تعاونوا مع بعض لتحقيق اهداف واحده ؟ #futurespotters

#Futurespotters draft agenda is up for mix and remix: calling all session proponents and new ones!

Thursday June 5th

The unStartUp for better CVs online: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-5 with @AleMambelli #futurespotters [insert pic]

Meet Anna from Հայաստան (#Carpool #Armenia) at #Futurespotters event in #Tbilisi

New session at #Futurespotters Tbilisi event: the Oasis Game for asset mapping in communities

There’s appetite for learning even in non-functional education systems. Notes from #futurespotters #Egypt


Liana is coming to #Futurespotters Tbilisi event! Meet her and Let’s Create Smile initiative: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-4

#Futurespotters is about finding alternatives to things that drive us crazy: which deserves a session in Tbilisi?

From the #futurespotters workshop in cairo - participants looking back from the future in these future newspaper articles

#futurespotters in case u missed it, Egyptians talking DIY at new level: hacking a ring road exit

In case u missed it #futurespotters - SmokeFree Tbilisi vid interview with Taras

Curate a track or host a session -build with #futurespotters the June event in #Tbilisi

Wednesday June 4th

At #Futurespotters in Tbilisi we’re talking new values, new markets for activists, sharing, welfare beyond borders. Anyone can lead a session:

დაგვეხმარეთ ხმა მივაწვდინოთ მეტ #futurespotters ბლოგსპოტით ან თავად დაგვილინკეთ

თვალი შეავლეთ ივენთის სავარაუდო განრიგს და მისი თანამოზიარე გახდით #futurespotters-თან ერთად #futurespotters

ივენთი 24-26 ივნისს ჩატარდება, დარეგისტრირდი ახლა

შეათვალიერეთ ჩვენი #futurespotters მინი ვებ-გვერდი, ბედნიერ სქროლვას გისურვებთ

At #Futurespotters in Tbilisi we’re talking activism, communities, bureaucracy beyond borders. Join the action!

Coming to #Futurespotters international event this month? Need help to prepare your trip? Practical info page is up:

Plotting & scheming #Futurespotters Int’l conference: don’t miss out on Thursday’s online call, 11 am cet: #Georgia #Armenia #Egypt


help us reach more #futurespotters with a blogpost or linking us with different networks

خد فكره عن الاجنده المبدئيه للايفنت واشترك فى بناءها مع “الفيوتشر سبوترز” #futurespotters

take a look at the proposed agenda for the event and co-build it with #futurespotters

اعرف مين اللى جاى الايفنت فى تبليسى و اشترك معاهم #futurespotters

get to know the #futurespotters who r coming to the International event in Tbilisi

الايفنت يوم 24-26 يونيو - سجل دلوقتى #futurespotters

#futurespotters event is in the 24-26th of June , register now

كل ما هو بخصوص مشروع- فيوتشر سبوترز #futurespotters

take a look at our new #futurespotters minisite , happy browsing

Saturday / Monday 2 June

All eyes on #Africa in the wake of accelerated technology advances and flattening of the world #governance #currency #citizenship #learning

RT: All our futures & #Africa - or why #socinn is inherently political by @ladyniasan

#futurespotters პროექტი ღია კვლევისთვის #ღია #ეთნოგრაფიული

კვლევა ცვლილებების შესახებ #საქართველოში #სომხეთში #ეგვიპტეში და როგორ ვაშენებთ ჩვენს მომავალს #futurespotters #ethnography

მოდიხარ #futurespotters ღონისძიებაზე თბილისში? დარეგისტრირდი ინგას ფოკუს ჯგუფში, რომ შენც გააზიარო ისტორიები

ჩვენ ვაშენებთ #futurespotters ვინაიდან ვიცით, რომ ერთად ჩვენ შეიძლება გოლიათები ვიყოთ

შთამაგონებელი #futurespotters მოთხრობები საქართველოს პატარა სოფელზე #georgia

ვინაიდან ჩვენ თბილისისკენ მივემართებით, შეიტყვე ვაკის პარკის შესახებ ჩვენი ინტერვიუებიდან #futurespotters

as we r heading to Tbilisi know the story of occupying Vake park with these interviews #futurespotters

قبل ما تيجى تبليسى اعرف اكتر عن قصه احتلال “فاك بارك” من الانتفيو ده #futurespotters

قصه عن قريه صغيره فى جورجيا #futurespotters

inspiring #futurespotters story about a small village in Georgia

احنا بنبنى المستقبل مع بعض وعارفين اننا مع بعض اقوى بكتير من كل واحد لوحده #futurespotters

we r building #futurespotters together as we know we can be giants together

Coming to #Futurespotters event in Tbilisi? Sign up for Inga’s focus group to share stories from the Edge:

بدايه تحليل مبدىء عن المشروع فى #مصر #ارمينيا #جورجيا وازاى صناع التغيير فى ال3 بلاد بتشتغلوا #futurespotters #ethnography

Researching how change makers in #Georgia #Armenia #Egypt are building a future and what drives us all forward: #futurespotters #ethnography

طريقه الدراسه لتحليل كل المشاركات فى المشروع #Futurespotters #ethnography

#Futurespotters project gearing up for open research: #open #ethnography & #sna

Friday 30 May

learning #open_source software -viral academy #Georgia and possible #Egypt #futurespotters

our working out loud post about the latest organization for the #futurespotters event in Tbilisi , share ur ideas with us

اعرف اكتر عن التنظيم للايفنت فى تبليسى وشارك بافكارك الخاصه للايفنت #futurespotters

اعرف مين اللى جاى لحد دلوقتى للايفنت فى جورجيا , واشترك معاهم فى بناء الاجنده للايفنت #futurespotters

know who is coming to the #futurespotters event in Tbilisi next month and join the ride

عايز تعرف اكتر عن #futurespottersوالايفنت فى تبليسى ممكن الاسئله والاجابات دى تعرفك اكتر واسال هنا

wondering about #futurespotters event we’re organising in Tbilisi next month hope this FAQs answer u

Inga is preparing a session for #futurespotters focus group discussions #Ethnography

Thursday 29 May

" #AllAfricaFuturesتقيد انفسنا بعقليات وفلسفات الغرب يتحجب عننا معارف قيمه " من مقال ناديه الامام عن

“restricting ourselves to Western mindset, mythologies, philosophies robs us of valuable knowledge” #AllAfricaFutures

“people will become loyal to entities that are larger than nation states and span across many of them” #AllAfricaFutures

How Basic Economic Literacy Can Increase a Nation’s Welfare: Case of Georgia?

Creative Commons Film Festival Matera Edition as a part of Open Culture Fest?

Towards a #Viral Academy in #Georgia: Learning How to Install #opensource software and cultivate a culture of collaboration & knowledge sharing. /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/the-viral-academy-georgia-learning-open-source

What are the ethics and values in co-creation? /t/ci2i-global-co-creative-impact-and-innovation-practitioners/363/burning-question-may-what-are-the-ethics-and-values-in-co

The family transition center as a testing ground for appropriate technologies /t/life-in-africa-family-transition-center-in-northern-uganda/554/the-not-so-basic-plan-the-family-transition-center-as-a

Say Hi to Edgesense (Alpha) – Network Analysis for the Masses

Wednesday 28 May

New #Futurespotters session by Tamara: can basic economic literacy inform better decision-making in #Georgia?

This happens when Viral Academy and a Kung Fu School get together.

ერთ არეალში მომუშავე ორგანიზაციები თანამშრომლებენ გეოინფორმაციული სისტემის მატარებელი რუკის შესაქმნელად, მთელი ინფორმაცია #futurespotters-ის შესახებ

დარჩა ერთი თვე #futurespotters მომდევნო ივენთამდე თბილისში, შემოგვთავაზეთ, გაუწიეთ კურატორობა ან უმასპინძლეთ სესიებს

#Georgia’s #Futurespotters 4th Bi-Weekly Meet-Up this Thursday! /t/georgias-futurespotters/575-4th-bi-weekly-meet-up

من المشاكل اللى بتواجهه الجمعيات المختلفه ان شغل كتير بيتكرر وفى صعوبه فى التعاون بسبب القوانين #futurespotters

what happens if the organizations working in the same area collaborate 2 produce a GIS map with all info#futurespotters

#futurespotters فى مبادره "علمنى " الاطفال عندهم الحريه انهم يختاروا يتعلموا ايه #futurespotters

ناقص شهر على الايفنت فى تبليسى , شارك فى بناء الايفنت مع #futurespotters

one month to go for #futurespotters In’l event in Tbilisi , propose ,curate or host a session

#futurespotters activists think international exposure is the only way to pressure govs? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/better-and-bigger-collective

“We want to deploy a #ViralAcademy in Georgia”: p2p coding and installing #opensource software /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/the-viral-academy-georgia-learning-open-source #futurespotters

Tuesday 27 May

#futurespotters event #codesign: Got PR, design skills? want to help host people in Tbilisi? Pick a task: /t/spot-the-future-team/357-coordination-space

EducateMe #Egypt: a hackerspace for children? “that kind of learning would have been a dream come true for my own childhood” #futurespotters

#Futurespotters great initiative from #Egypt: “our kids always have the freedom to choose what they want to learn.” #futurespotters

open street maps in #Georgia and “Bos 7awalek” in #Egypt possible collaboration in #futurespotters

know what’s around ur home and reduce transportation , pollution , time " bos 7awalek " is here to help #futurespotters

بص حواليك حتعرفك ايه الاماكن القريبه من بيتك و تقلل عليك وقت المواصلات والتلوث والدوشه #futurespotters

eager to have some cooperative undertakings and projects with the 3 countries &more , r u up for it #futurespotters

join the media outreach team and write a blogpost about #futurespotters

Monday 26 may

know more about nadia’s talk in All Africa forum about the Edgeryders/ Spot The Future version of futurism

bos 7awalek is getting more serious , take a look and collaborate with the team in this BIG project #futurespotters

اعرف اكتر عن مبادره “بص حواليك” واشترك فى النقاش مع فريق العمل#futurespotters

Dear Edgeryders around the world , a blog post from UNDP Armenia for #futurespotters

everything is possible if there r interested people involved in-optimistic conclusion from UNDP Armenia#futurespotters

.[at]leashless is joining #futurespotters in Tbilisi, take a look on the proposed session by the resilience guru

Up for writing a blogpost about #futurespotters? join the media outreach team:

Calling bloggers and new media Gurus : a shoutout for #futurespotters

اعرف اكتر عن خطه "فيرال اكاديمى " للايفنت وازاى نتابع مع بعض المشاريع والافكار المختلفه #futurespotters

Follow-up learning objects for #futurespotters with viral academy

جازبى : ازاى نطلع من الايفنت بنتايج ملموسه على الارض ؟ #futurespotters

Gazbee: “how can we end up leaving the #futurespotters event with solid outcomes”

ايه من الاسئله اللى طلعنا بيها من الوركشوب فى #القاهره عايز تكمل عليها فى الايفنت فى #تبليسى /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/the-burning-questions #Futurespotters

#Futurespotters #Egypt: Any burning questions you want to see become sessions at #Tbilisi event? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/the-burning-questions

Saturday May 24

If you are in town for #AllAfricaFuturesForum, or just want to meet before the event invite yourself to brunch at 11:30 today

Going to #AllAfricaFuturesForum in #Johannesburg? Don’t miss @Ladyniasan presenting #futurespotters

#Futurespotters is heading all the way to South Africa! Join the informal dinner with [at]ladyniasan and talk collaborative networks4 future

Friday 23 may

If you are in town for #AllAfricaFuturesForum, or just want to meet before the event invite yourself to brunch at 11:30 tomorrow

Going to #AllAfricaFuturesForum in #Johannesburg? Don’t miss @Ladyniasan presenting #futurespotters

#Futurespotters is heading all the way to South Africa! Join the informal dinner with @ladyniasan and talk collaborative networks4 future

Who’s coming at #futurespotters event in Tbilisi? [at]alberto_cottica [at]leashless [at]lasindias [at]hazemadel72 and many more. You’re in time to register:

Hey [at]labanita [at]abdukhalim1 [at]abdelrazik87 remember the burning questions from #futurespotters workshop? Time to catch up:

Thursday 22 May

عايز تعرف اكتر عن #futurespotters والافكار والمشاريع المختلفه , خد جوله من خلال التويتات دى

new to #futurespotters ,take a tour through these tweets from our last twitterstorm

can change makers work together , proposed session at the #futurespotters international event in Tbilisi

Change starts at the edge. So join #futurespotters at Tbilisi to have a look over the edge

اقتراحين للايفنت لحد دلوقتى شارك #futurespotters فى بناء الايفنت واقترح فكرتك او مشروعك

2 sessions already have been proposed for the international event in Tbilisi ,co-build the event with #futurespotters

فى #جورجيا #futurespotters بيتقابلوا كل اسبوعين ,تابع مشاريعهم وافكارهم للايفنت فى يونيو

#georgia’s 3rd bi-weekly meet-up: how can u be part of our International Event? Organize a social activity, host a session?

#Georgia’s მესამე ორკვირეული შეხვედრა: როგორ გახდეთ ჩვენი საერთაშორისო ივენთის წევრი, სიციალური აქტივობები, სესიები

Wednesday 21 May

open call for action - join and build the june event with other #futurespotters

is market activism a way to resilience or a way of getting lost? shape the agenda with #futurespotters

leadership,sharing and bureaucracy-can we work 2gether ? proposed session 4 #futurespotters event

Eager to help build #Futurespotters Int’l event in Tbilisi but don’t know how? Join the #socialmedia team: #countonme #nospectators

Our friends [at]lasindias are coming to Tbilisi! Check out the session they propose on spreading values and ideas through market activism #futurespotters

Tuesday 20 May

انت كمان ممكن تقترح وتدير جزء من الايفنت فى جورجيا ! #futurespotters

Why anyone can lead a session at #Futurespotters event, including you!

new to #futurespotters meet noemi - introduce urself to the community and happy social hacking everyone

اول مره تعرف عن #futurespotters اتعرف على مجتمع “ايدجرايدرز” و عرف نفسك هنا

new to #futurespotters introduce urself & get to know edgeryders community

"bos 7awalek "“look around U” an idea to reduce traffic problems in #Egypt #futurespotters

بص حواليك" فكره لتقليل مشاكل المرور فى #مصر #futurespotters

Monday 19 May

Collaboration proposal for #Futurespotters: Teaching people to use open source software: /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/the-viral-academy-georgia-learning-open-source #horizon2020

#Futurespotters Int’l event is as good as YOU make it. A workspace where everyone helps, pick a task: /t/spot-the-future-team/357-coordination-space #NoSpectators

Coming to #Futurespotters event in Tbilisi, June 24-26? Here’s where you can find cheap/free logding, book asap!

Saturday 17 May

نظره من المستقبل على واقعنا فى مقالات جريده المستقبل - من ورشه العمل فى القاهره #futurespotters

summary of the last community call Viral Academy, Co-funding software platform ,#futurespotters and Lote 4

from the #futurespotters workshop in cairo - participants looking back from the future in these future newspaper articles

#futurespotters In case u missed it - Egyptians talking DIY into a new level hacking a ring road exit

In case u missed it#futurespotters - smoke free Tbilisi -vid interview with Taras

curate a track or host a session -build with #futurespotters the June’s event

شارك فى بناء الايفنت فى يونيو #futurespotters

Friday 16 May

لو فاتتك التويتر ستورم -مجموعه مختاره من اصل 863 تويته من 91 مكان فى العالم #futurespotters

a selection of what 258 people tweeted about #futurespotters with 863 tweets from 91 locations during the #twitterstorm

نقاش#futurespotters حول حقوق المشاه والحق فى الفراغ العام فى #تبليسى شايف الموضوع مختلف فى #مصر ؟

#futurespotters discussion -pedestrian rights &public space initiatives in #Tbilisi -possible session for the June event

#futurespotters ومشاكلها - هل تفرق حاجه عن قرى #مصر عن قريه صغيره فى #جورجيا

#futurespotters about a small village in #Georgia -Zegardani - the hero of the village mothers

Thursday 15 May

დაგეგმარების წვეულება ამ შაბათს #თბილისი #საქართველო #futurespotters

Mapping Party this Saturday in #tbilisi #georgia! #futurespotters

Join Georgia’s #futurespotters bi-weekly meet-up this Sunday!

შემოუერთდი საქართველოს #futurespotters შეხვედრას ყოველ ორ კვირაში ერთხელ, ამ კვირა დღეს

[at]ElvaTeam is looking for web-developers with a taste for the edge! #futurespotters

[at]ElvaTeam ეძებს გონება-გახსნილ ვებ-დეველოპერებს #futurespotters

Wednesday 14 May

carpooling فى ارمينيا ومصر #futurespotters

ازاى تقدر تشترك فى الايفنت فى تبليسيى #futurespotters

مجله من #futurespotters فى جورجيا !! اعرف معلومات اكتر وازاى تقدر تساعدهم من هنا

ناوى تيجى للايفينت #futurespotters فى تبليسى ؟ هنا احنا بنظم الاقامه والسفر والاكل والفيزا

Coming to the #futurespotters Event in Tbilisi? Here’s how we are organising accomodations, travel food etc!

მოდიხარ #futurespotters ღონისძიებაზე თბილისში? აქ ნახავ საცხოვრებლის, მგზავრობის, საკვების ორგანიზებას

აჰუაჰი მხარს უჭერს თანამედროვე ხელვნებას #კავკასიაში #futurespotters

#Futurespotters საერთაშორისო ღონისძიება: ნებისმიერს შეუძლია უმასპინძლოს სესიას და აი როგორ:

გამარჯობა #Futurespotters, შეეგებეთ ავტოსტოპის მოყვარულთა საზოგადოებას #სომხეთში via [at]AnMeliksetyan

ქვეითთა არტ პროექტი - ღია კონკურსი არტისტებისთვის,3 საზ. სივრცე,3 გამარჯვებული! მხარი დაუჭირე ქვეითთა უფლებებს TBS. pedestrian_art_project_-_iare_pekhit_2014.pdf

Ahuahi is supporting Contemporary Art in the #Caucasus #futurespotters

#futurespotters Pedestrian Art: Open call for Artists, 3 public space projects,3 winners! Pedestrian rights pedestrian_art_project_-_iare_pekhit_2014.pdf

#Futurespotters International event: Anyone can host a session, here’s how: /t/spot-the-future-team/357-coordination-space/task-3045

Hey #Futurespotters, meet the carpooling community in #Armenia! via [at]AnMeliksetyan

دعوه للمشاركه فى بناء الحدث النهائى فى يونيو - اشترك مع صناع التغيير فى بناء المستقبل

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - build the June event with ur peers- here is how u can get involved

Tomorrow’s community call with the Viral academy and more ,get in touch ahead of the call to know more

Tuesday 13 May

مهتم بمشاكل التعليم اشترك فى اللقاء الاسبوعى يوم الخميس واتكلم مع "فيرال اكاديمى " و شوف فرص التعاون مع#futurespotters დაინტერესებული ხარ #სწავლა #განათლებით? შემოუერთდი ჩვენს ონლაინ აკადემიას + ითანამშრომლე #futurespotters - თან interested in #learning #education join the community call with viral academy+possible cooperation with#futurespotters

Sunday 11 May

Meet the #futurespotters: One photo each linking to something they have written on the platform

Monday Funday! Haven’t signed up for tomorrows #twitter press conference? Read up on it here and see you 11:00 CET!

Saturday 10 May

اكتر من 50 من صناع التغيير من مصر وارمينيا وجورجيا و اماكن تانيه حيجتمعوا فى تبليسى فى يونيو #futurespotters

عن مشاكل الجمعيات الاهليه فى مصر #futurespotters

يوم الاثنين التويتر ستورم - اشترك مع الكثير من الافكار والمبادرات من مصر وارمينيا وجورجيا #futurespotters

مجتمع “ايدجرايدرز” بينموا - اتعرف على المبادرات المختلفه و انضم للتويتر ستورم يوم الاتنين #futurespotters #twitterstorm

Friday 9 May

#Futurespotters წევრები ემატება: შეხვდით თანატოლებს და შემოუერთდით Twitter წვეულებას ორშაბათს

გააზიარეთ იდეები, მიიზიდეთ სწორი ხალხი. კოლექტიური მოქმედება მთავარი ფაქტორია #Futurespotters #twitterstorm #reunion

მომავლის შენების ინიციატივები კავკასიასა და ეგვიპტეში, ორშაბათს დილის 11 საათიდან, 1 საათი. თვითერის კონფერენცია, ჰეშთეგი #Futurespotters

The #Futurespotters community is growing: meet your peers & join the twitter party this Monday!

“By sharing your ideas without any limits you’ll attract the right people. Collective action is key” #futurespotters #twitterstorm #reunion

Learn about all the futurebuilding initiatives in the Caucasus and Egypt in one hour this Monday at 11! Twitter press conference: hashtag #futurespotters ping [at] HelenClarkUNDP, info_activism, knightfdn

Thursday 8 May

საქართველოს პირველი #futurespotters მეორე შეხვედრა 6 მაისს ჩატარდა /t/spot-the-future-connecting-the-dots/562/hack-me-some-land-registration

მოიპოვეთ ინფორმაცია მიწის რეგისტრაციაზე, მიაკითხეთ რეესტრს #საქართველოში /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/bi-weekly-meeting-nr-2-summary

Georgia’s #Futurespotters 2nd bi-weekly took place May 6th /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/bi-weekly-meeting-nr-2-summary

Hack Me Some Land Registration Data, it’s time for accessible land registry data in #Georgia /t/spot-the-future-connecting-the-dots/562/hack-me-some-land-registration

Wednesday 7 May

#futurespotters განხილვა, #CBO და სხვა მცირე ორგანიზაციების დაბრკოლებები #ეგვიპტეში

მზადება ორშაბათის ტვიტერქარიშხალისთვის! თუ გინდათ გაიგოთ როგორ მოაწყოთ თვითერ წვეულება, დაგვეხმარეთ ხვალ

[Ping Sam Muirhead Said Hamideh] შემოუერთდით ხუთშაბათის რეგულარულ ღონისძიებას, რომ იმუშაოთ #Edgeryders-თან ერთად მომავალი თვითერქარიშხალის მოსამზადებლად الاتنين القادم وشاركونا فى نشر المبادرات المختلفه twitterstorm تابعوا ال #futurespotters

فى مصر ارمينيا وجورجيا انضموا لنا فى مؤتمر التويتر شاركوا مبادراتكم#futurespotters لكل

انضملنا فى اجتماعنا الاسبوعى#futurespotters twitterstorm عايز تعرف اكتر عن ال

#futurespotters discussion -the challenges facing small CBOs and organizations in #Egypt

Preparations for Monday’s twitterstorm are ON! #Futurespotters if you wanna learn how you throw a twitter party come help tomorrow in #communitycall hangout:

Ping Sam Muirhead Said Hamideh join Thursday’s regular communitycall to work with Edgeryders on prepping the next twitterstorm

Tuesday 6 May

Edgeryders-ის მომდევნო მასიური ონლაინ ღონისძიება ამ ორშაბათს იმართება, გიწვევთ ყველას #futurespotters-ის ტვიტერქარიშხალზე/twitterstorm-ზე /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference (either use twitterstorm in english, or georgian version ტვიტერქარიშხალის)

წარმოგიდგენიათ? ორშაბათის ტვიტერქარიშხალის/twitterstorm-ის დროს, #Edgeryders-ი გამოაცხადებს ივნისის Futurespotters-ის საერთაშორისო ღონისძიებას: დაგვეხმარე ერთად დავგეგმოთ! /t/spot-the-future-team/357-coordination-space/task-3002#Futurespotters გლობალური: საერთაშორისო ჯგუფის ღონისძიება თბილისში! (either use twitterstorm in english, or georgian version ტვიტერქარიშხალის)

ხართ საქართველოდან, სომხეთიდან ან ეგვიპტიდან? ოდესმე გიცდიათ ტვიტერქარიშხალი/twitterstorming-ი თქვენი პროექტებისათვის? გეძლევათ შანსი ისწავლოთ გლობალური ჯგუფისგან და დატვიტოთ #futurespotters-ზე ჩვენთან ერთად: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference (either use twitterstorm in english, or georgian version ტვიტერქარიშხალის)

ვუხმობთ ყველა #futurespotters-ს საქართველოში, სომხეთში, ეგვიპტესა და ევროპაში: თქვენი ინიციატივებით შემოუერთდით ტვიტერქარიშხალს/twitterstorm-ს ამ ორშაბათს /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference (either use twitterstorm in english, or georgian version ტვიტერქარიშხალის)

Calling all #futurespotters in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt & Europe: Join the twitterstorm this Monday to tweeet your initiatives /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference

Edgeryders next online massive event happens this Monday, all invited in the #futurespotters twitterstorm /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference

From Georgia, Armenia or Egypt? Ever tried twitterstorming for your project? Here’s a chance to learn from a global community, tune in and tweet #futurespotters with us: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/how-well-do-a-press-conference

Guess what? During Monday’s twitterstorm #Edgeryders announces the Futurespotters International event this June: help build it! /t/spot-the-future-team/357-coordination-space/task-3002#Futurespotters global: The international community event in Tbilisi!

(ping influencers)

Monday 5 May

#futurespotters-ის მიერ მასლოვის პირამიდის გადააზრება

პალმის შუა ნაწილისგან დამზადებული ხის ნამუშევრები Jozour-ში, ეგვიპტეში. #futurespotters #agriculture_waste

ჰაზემის/Hazem-ის პოსტი თემის მშენებლობის მხარდამჭერი ღიონისძიებების ზრდის შესახებ: Edgeryders-ი ხვდება MakeSense-სს.

ფანატიზმთან დაკავშირებით, ქართული ინტერნეტი მემეებს ავრცელებს

meet the "human project " in Yerevan #futurespotters

اعاده التفكير فى هرم ماسلو#futurespotters #recycling

#futurespotters rethinking maslow’s pyramid #recycling

wood works from Palm midribs at Jozour in #Egypt #futurespotters #agriculture_waste

Hazem’s post on the perks of helping build events for communities: Edgeryders meets MakeSense /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/in-between-sense-camp-and

In reaction to bigotry, Georgian internet has taken the meme to the extreme /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/lets-meme-it

Saturday 3 May

صناعه الخشب من جريد النخل فى “جذور” بمصر #Futurespotters #Egypt

Friday 2 May

ايه الحاجات اللى فى المنظمات الكبيره اللى لازم نتعامل معاها وصعب نتجنبها وايه البدائل ليها ,اشترك فى النقاش مع #futurespotters /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-egypt-things-done-by

Things done by large organizations that we have to deal with and can’t avoid, and some better alternatives #futurespotters #Egypt /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-egypt-things-done-by

ايه الحاجات اللى مش بتحبها فى نفسك وعايز تغيرها #Egypt #futurespotters /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-in-egypt-things-in

Things in ourselves we don’t like and are changing #Egypt #futurespotters join the discussion /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-in-egypt-things-in

ამბების მშენებელი ინსტრუმენტი ჯამპსტარტ ჯორიჯიასგან: “ჩვენ იგი ხელმისაწვდომი გავხადეთ, რადგან არ გვსურს, ინოვაცია შევზღუდოთ.” #futurespotters (if you’re unable to put this in one tweet, you can cut it in 2, there’s no way I know how to shorten it even more)

#Futurespotters: როდესაც სამყარო გვეუბნება, ვიყოთ მცირენი, ჩვენ უნდა შევახსენოთ საკუთარ თავებს, რომ ერთად გოლიათები ვიქნებით. /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/when-the-world-tells-us-we-have

The storybuilder tool by jsgeorgia: “We made it open-source because we don’t want to limit the innovation to our vision alone.” #futurespotters

#Futurespotters: When the world tells us we have to be small we have to remind ourselves that we can be giants together /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/when-the-world-tells-us-we-have

Thursday 1 May

მწვავე შეკითხვები #futurespotters- ის სემინარიდან, რა არის შენი მწვავე შეკითხვა? ის

الاسئله الملحه التى تم طرحها فى الورشه - ماهى اسئلتك الخاصه#futurespotters

burning questions from the #futurespotters workshop , what’s ur burning question

ماذا بعد ورشه العمل فى القاهره ؟ #futurespotters

The first round of #futurespotters workshops have ended…now what? collaboration call

#futurespotters -ის სემინარების პირველი რაუნდი დასრულდა… ახლა რაღა? მოწოდება თანამშრომლობაზე

Things that we don’t like in our culture and are trying to change ,join the #futurespotters discussion

რაღაცები, რაც არ მოგვწონს ჩვენს კულტურაში და გვსურს შევცვალოთ, შემოუერთდით #futurespotters დისკუსიას

ايه الحاجات اللى مش عاجباك فى المجتمع وعايز تغيرها - شاركنا فى النقاش #futurespotters

Meet the Edgeryders! Come say hi to other members of the community!

Seda is building a community of independent young moms in #Armenia:

/t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-6 #startup #socinn

Hey #Futurespotters here’s a great example of changing values and mentality in #Armenia /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-6

New project for #Futurespotters: a SkySchool in #Yerevan for “flying out of the SYSTEM”, all welcome: /t/sky-school-yerevan/574

Wednesday 30 April

შეხვედით #futurespotters-ზე და გაოცდით, როცა შეიტყვეთ unMonastery-ის ჰაკერების რეზიდენციის შესახებ?

#futurespotters-ის სემინარების პირველი რაუნდი სომხეთში, ეგვიპტესა და საქართველოში უკვე დასრულდა… ახლა რაღა? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/collaboration-call-the-first

ახალი #futurespotters-ის დისკუსია: გსმენიათ თუ არა, ისეთი პროექტების შესახებ, რომლებიც ინდივიდუალიზმის კულტურას ცვლიან ეგვიპტეში? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-egypt-things-we-don

ახალი #futurespotters-ის პრაქტიკული მოქმედება: გაწევრიანდი სამოქმედო ჯგუფში, რომელიც მუშაობს, ძირეულ სათემო ძალისხმევის საკითხებზე მომუშავე სამოქალაქო საზოგადოებას შეუერთდეს საქართველოში. /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/bi-weekly-meeting-nr-1-summary

ახალი #futurespotters-ის პრაქტიკული მოქმედება: დაეხმარე Alessandro & co.-ს დაგეგმოს ღონისძიება, რომელიც სამუშაო ენთუზიაზმის შესახებ წარმატებულ ისტორიებს აჩვენებს. /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/inspire-armenians-to-find-the

ახალი #futurespotters-ის პრაქტიკული მოქმედება: დაეხმარე ‘მომავლის გაზეთის’ შექმნაში, ამბების თხრობის მეშვეობით! იხილეთ მაგალითები აქ: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/education-in-egypt-main

Today Jumpstart Georgia is hosting the workshop: telling stories with data! /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/telling-stories-with-data#comment-10634 #futurespotters

Join Edgeryders and unMonastery peeps in the community call Thursday 11am cet, all welcome:

Were you at #futurespotters and went WOW when hearing about the unMonastery hackers residency? Join us in the communitycall Thursday 11 am to meet Edgeryders globally

[Call for collaboration] The first round of #futurespotters workshops in #Armenia #Egypt #Georgia have ended…now what?

New #futurespotters discussion: Know of any projects changing culture of individualism in #Egypt? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-egypt-things-we-don

New #futurespotters actionable: join action group working to join civil society with grassroots efforts in #Georgia /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/bi-weekly-meeting-nr-1-summary

New #futurespotters actionable: Help Alessandro & co. build an event to showcase success stories of working with passion /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/inspire-armenians-to-find-the

New #futurespotters actionable: Help build the Future Newspaper through storytelling! Check out example /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/education-in-egypt-main

Tuesday 29 April

Call for collaboration following #futurespotters workshops in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. Come!


Read all about Georgia’s #Futurespotters first bi-weekly meeting: /t/georgias-futurespotters/575/bi-weekly-meeting-nr-1-summary

You still have a few days left to submit your story, for example on civic engagement in #Georgia /t/the-edgeryders-agency/374-0/civic-engagement-in-georgia

Another proof that #occupy = taking care. Meet the #VakePark campers in Tbilisi: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-3


#Futurespotters #Yerevan: project to do what you care about NOT as a sidejob /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-5

“CV is a broken way to advertise who you are”- alemambelli


Monday 28 April

Hey Edgeryders, meet and greet Egypt’s #Futurespotters! #entrepreneurship #carpooling #green #upcycling and more: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/who-are-egypts-futurespotters

#Futurespotters #Egypt are debunking education: first up - a fictional press release on system developments between 2014 and 2019 /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/education-in-egypt-main

Saturday 26 April

tired of all the lies and falsified images mapture is an app trying to tackle that #futurespotters #Egypt

meet #Futurespotters educate me an alternative for refining formal education in #Egypt -a hacker space for kids and more

#Futurespotters paid work opportunity: last days to share a story of a project tackling social, political challenges in Georgia, Armenia or Egypt

Friday 25 April

A new social movement has started in #Georgia: Guerilla Gardening. They are currently protecting Vake Park, learn more about their story: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-3 #futurespotters

Do you know of an initiative in #Georgia that helps people living in poverty make it to the next day? Share your story: /t/spot-the-future-making-a-living/561 #futurespotters

Today we’re following #Futurespotters #Egypt as they meet and learn about worldchanging initiatives. With Nadia, Hazem, Gazbee, IceCairo!


Hey #freelancers how are you dealing with meaningful work vs instability of getting paid? #futurespotters

Have you tried co-working instead of working from home as a freelancer? What’s your experience? #futurespotters

Thursday 24 April

Georgia highlights:

Meet Taras from @smoke_free_tbilisi (, creating an interactive map of smokefree establishments /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-2

Missed #Futurespotters in #Georgia & #Armenia? here’s the story: Not too late to join us:

Identify an initiative to build a commons in #Georgia and share your story! /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559


Career coaching and bridging the gap between education and employment market in #Egypt #Futurespotters

It’s official: every THURSDAY 11am CET we’re meeting edgeryders in community calls #online #coffee Ping @ unmonastery elfpavlik icecairo OTS_Matera (on twitter)


Wednesday 23 April

Georgia highlights:

Public safety as a basic right: learning from #IarePekhit in Georgia-


Can anyone help Elene in Georgia get in touch with Enrique Penalosa? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-0

Know of projects to stop the cycle of turning cities into places not for humans but rather for cars? Say hi to Helene: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-0

Tuesday 22 April

4/22 Armenia highllights:

  • #Futurespotters \#Yerevan: Know of an Armenian initiative to change mentalities? Help us crack challenges: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/day-1-futurespotters-yerevan
  • How can we learn and exercise a sense of agency and problem solving in \#Armenia? Join \#futurespotters and help us showcase initiatives 4 change /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/day-1-futurespotters-yerevan

4/21 Egypt highlights:

  • coworking spaces in Egypt , meet Uli rasheed 22 founder a German who is living in Egypt /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/labanita-speaking
  • creativity caravan, an artistic idea about creativity education for kids inspired by the Egyptian culture , \#storytelling \#art
  • bringing power to youth from Alexanderia and building a stronger civil society
  • want to participate in \#Futurespotters but can't make it to the physical workshop ? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/want-to-participate-in
  • The physical workshop will start this Friday 24th of April , In case u haven't shared ur story with us yet

4/21 Georgia highlights:

  • Interview with one of Georgia's \#futurespotters @ericnbarrett :open data and technical approaches to problem solving /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-1
  • How are Georgian youth learning outside the institutional framework? If you have any great examples please share them! \#futurespotters /t/the-edgeryders-agency/374-0/youth-education-and-employment-in-georgia
  • Join \#futurespotters \#georgia first bi-weekly meet-up this friday @ Cafe Bauhaus!


want to know more about #edgeryders join our community call this Thursday 24 april at 11 AM CET #Egypt #Armenia #Georgia #Futurespotters

bringing credibility to the world’s photos via mapture #Egypt #Futurespotters

a homeschooling experiment from #Egypt #Futurespotters

- - - - - - - - - - -

Thursday 17 April

waste management and biogas in #Egypt , join the discussion and tell us what do u think about that #futurespotters /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/waste-management-at-cairo

meet Alessandro Mambelli and know his story from Florence to #Yerevan .we are looking forward to meeting him in the workshop #futurespotters

Design thinking as way of solving problems ? what do u think about that join the discussion #futurespotters /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/solving-problems-by-offering-design

Hi #Yerevan, @edgeryders are in town for #futurespotters workshop starting Friday 10am, still in time to join us:

Tuesday 15 April

Noemi’s presentation about #edgeryders

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Ninutsa Nanitashvili a sociology student -organizer of GDG Tbilisi #WomenTechMakers

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Mamaduka a developer Can we develop a mobile app to fix the broken streets in Tbilisi?

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Monika Peldaviciute originally from Lithuania studied political sciences moved to Georgia to establish a social cultural center in an abanodned place

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Eric Barret: "I’m a father, and a runner, and I feel very strongly about equality in different ways "

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Heather journalist from Canada "“The open datadiscourse I find very inspiring and I would like to get more involved in this.”

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Cristina Maza “Spreading information about fundamental issues to people in a good quality is what my aim is.”

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Nika Davitashvili: “We’re trying not politicize, we’re not registered, we dont want to turn our anger into aggression” #guerilla_gardening

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia Sandro from casino commercials to environmental campains #change is realistic

#meet_the_Georgians #futurespotters #Georgia David Nita and Nino donate money to people who are in need of medical help from plastic bags to furniture /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/plastex#comment-9999 #Egypt #futurespotters what do u think about this recycling join the discussion

Monday 14 April

if u are in cairo don’t miss this ice dinner to know more about spot the future and how to participate #futurespotters #Egypt

Today and tomorrow we’re following @Noemi and @Inge reports from #futurespotters workshop in #Tbilisi as part of

in #Georgia there’s human ingenuity everywhere you look says heather and @hazem relates to #tacticalurbanism. Like people people rearranging a ring road in #Egypt. DIY style? Asks @Ladyniasan Want to join in on the #futurespotters action?

Social centre in #Tbilisi: set a facebook page saying you wanna #occupy and ppl start asking for your bank account to donate? Lovely to meet Monika, the founder or ACCT - Alternative Cultural Centre of Tbilisi cc Edgeryders#futurespotters

Sunday 13 April

Edgeryders events are quite special and the next one is happening in Tbilisi early this summer. Want to participate in #futurespotters but can’t make it to the workshops? Maybe you know of someone else you want to include? Learn how you can participate and still be eligible for paid travel to the international event

//ping @inge @noemi @vahagn @hazem @ahmed_m_rabie Can you guys help translate the tweet and instructions on the page to the different languages and make sure this information is passed on to the participants who come? Post the translations of the tweet here and the translations of the instructions on the page linked to above. Maybe even print the URL to the instructions on a piece of paper to share with people you meet also at the informal dinner/ when wandering around the town. If we can get a radio or tv channel to announce it that would be great. Also I think this photo that sam took is a good one to use//

Saturday 12 April

spot the future trailer

#futurespotters #Georgia #Armenia #Egypt

Friday 11 April

Please translate these updates into your own language/words when you post. VISUAL MATERIAL IN COMMENT BELOW!

Khatuna wants concrete ideas and commitment to move forward and realise some of them… #Georgia #futurespotters #workshop

George wants to strengthen new connections and build synergies between existing projects #Armenia #futurespotters #workshop

Vahagn wants to link local activists to each other and to the what is happening in the world outside #Armenia #futurespotters #workshop

Hazem: many people work in the same place and field don’t know about each other. Let’s connect so we can work together #Egypt #futurespotters #workshop

Gazbee wants to be able to connect with people, innovators in the local scene and move out of the old-school way of doing things #Egypt #futurespotters #workshop

Gazbee wants to start reaching out and working with citizens as experts #Egypt #futurespotters #workshop

Gazbee wants to connect and work with lots of different people and ways of doing things #Egypt #futurespotters #workshop

Sherif: we tend to work with governments in a top down way. I would like it if we worked differently and with different people #Egypt #futurespotters #workshop

Maria wants to make the process accessible also to those who don’t already have access to a lot of resources #Egypt #fututerspotters #workshop

Sam: I hope these workshops can help people realise they are not alone in their work #Armenia #Georgia #futurespotters #workshops

Sam: Finding others in our own countries, and internationally, who have similar goals and struggle with similar problems and may have found solutions or partial solutions to those issues. #futurespotters #workshops

We are filming the New world next week. Show us what you are building Armenia, Egypt and Georgia? #futurespotters

“We all play into the dynamics of a broken world. We can and should fix this” #futurespotters

“Change Your Opinion” – Destroying Gender Stereotypes in Georgia #futurespotters

“I got my first job, fell in love with someone 10 years older than me and started working for an NGO”- Emilie on a crucial period in her transition to adulthood #futurespotters

“The most significant thing for us was that the Acta were organised by regular people we had never heard of before” - Michal on being at the center of the Anti Acta storm in Poland #futurespotters

“Perhaps we need to make it easier to live outside the market system for those who so chose”- TEDx Talk by Nadia EL-Imam #futurerspotters

Thursday 10 April

A sample of what Edgeryders is all about: “a commitment to making the world better in some way”

Come meet us at #futurespotting workshops next week #Georgia #Armenia

So what’s the story with #futurespotters and why might you want to get involved? #Armenia #Egypt #Georgia

Wednesday 9 April

We know there are problems. Now what would happen if we focused on solutions? Calling #futurespotters #Armenia #Egypt #Georgia

We’re stepping up our game. Join us? Call for participation: Mapping our way to a global vision of the world are building #futurespotters

Are you new to Edgeryders? Join our next community call and get all your questions answered. No fuss no muss, it’s a super informal meetup, like having coffee together online. This Thursday 5pm cet: #futurespotting

Tuesday 8 April

Is the idea of a proper “job” turning obsolete? Where and how to work happily ever after? #futurespotting

How and where do you find work in times of generalized poverty and unemployment? #futurespotting

Do you know of any initiative or project that is helping public sector engage in open dialogue with citizens? #futurespotting

How are citizens in #Georgia making their voice heard? What after the voting booth? #futurespotting

Monday, 7 Apr

Just landed on Edgeryders? Meet the latest community members and share your personal story with peers across the world: #onboarding #mission #whoswho

At the Edge, no project or goal is too ambitious, too expensive, too radical in challenging the status quo. Here’s to #Georgia going against #gender #stereotype #futurespotting

A story of social activism from #Georgia: “A couple of months ago a number weird stencils started to appear in the streets of Tbilisi… #futurespotting

Saturday, 5 Apr

#Futurespotting world tour kick starts in Tbilisi on April 14th! Dear change maker, come join us to inspire and get inspired by your peers:

The @edgeryders #global #community meets Georgians doing interesting work in the local social innovation/ hacktivism/ tech scene. Happens on April 14th and you can be a part of it: with @ElvaTeam @jsgeorgia

JumpStart Georgia is paving the way for citizens to access public data in a fast&fun way Come meet them at Edgeryders workshop in Tbilisi, April 14th #futurespotting #tech #gender #opendata

Friday, 4 Apr

Edgeryders are #FutureSpotting in Georgia, Armenia and Egypt. Join us in our world tour this April, registration’s open! #socinn #changingtheworld

Living in Georgia, Armenia or Egypt? How are you building solutions to social, political, economic challenges? @edgeryders are looking forward to meet you! #futurespotting

In Egypt #diy is different :slight_smile: Know of anyone hacking on this scale in #Armenia? #futurespotting

This story. WOW. Egypt. WOW. Imagine a world where people doing this kind of thing are connected and working towards shared goals. Edgeryders is trying to help this along. Edgeryders Spot The Future tour is officially launched!!! Starting with events in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. Learn more at and use ‪#‎futurespotting‬ to find the others

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scheduling posts

This time we have many things going on in paralell, so I propose that we should work closely with the STF team and community builders for each country, so that they could also post in their own languages, and we could cordinate here all together, to give everything a good overview each week.

One line ( or longer ) posts with links driving engagement to the platform would be goos I think, so if there is a content in a different language than english, then the post should be in the same language as well, also to invite more people from the STF countries.

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Ok the posts will be in 4 groups to watch

  1. Spot The Future: Making a Living 
  2. Spot The Future: Caring for Commons
  3. Spot the Future: We, the people ) Hazems already posted two really interesting stories in here from Egypt. Also there is the one about a hackathin for girls in Tbilisi.
  4. Arrivals: Where we pick up the beautiful Edgeryders tradition of sharing our stories with one another (we will reach out to the broader community about this as well). Also here people will post Spot the Future related stories that do not fit easily into any of the three campaigns. 

Then ofcourse we have to watch the #futurespotters and #futurespotting hashtags which one should we use? #futurespot is shorter…


maybe we could choose the shortest #futurespot ,

for twitter it could be useful , but not sure what fits best …

I like #futurespotting

If anyone has other preferences let’s choose together 

im using #futurespotters and a great tool called allows me to updates multiple social media accounts at once including my wordpress blog. As well as to schedule status updates for different hours of the day. This is super useful because I make a routine of starting my day by going through the schedule, composing a number of tweets and scheduling them to be released at different hours of the day. It does not work on facebook events pages though, so you have to do those manually.

@dorotea – i’m going to

@dorotea – i’m going to compare to Buffer App to see which one is better – and just schedule the messages right in.

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we can try that

I think they work in a similar ways but lets see which one would be better

i went with

if someone sees a double tweet today it’s because there’s no delete button that i can find in 

for Facebook posts. we can do them manually. its better that way since we dont want to publish on a Facebook page with the same frequency as we would on Twitter. also doing it manually is better for the post’s Edgerank. I say let’s post select messages on Facebook at our discretion – only the most crucial messages.

@dorotea do you think you

@dorotea do you think you could cover Facebook and LInkedIn postings during the daytime? Just take one of the messages from a tweet (these are already scheduled to go out via – so you will be able to grab them). I can do it in the evening/night. cc: @nadia

@noemi can you double check

@noemi can you double check and see if you added me as an admin to Edgeryders LinkedIn correctly? I still cant seem to post on there. Whatever you do for me, please do for Dorotea as well.


yes I can take care of facebook,

for linked in i need a login :slight_smile:

facebook vs twitter frequency

yes, I think we should not post exactly the same messages on facebook and twitter

there are different forms of engagement

and I think to get the most of it we should stick to one or two engaging posts per day on facebook

while have more updates per day on twitter

on facebook page we can chedule posts directly

images for facebook links

also facebook needs a nice picture for each link

so it should be done manually

sometimes we need to upload them directly

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facebook posts frequency

also when someone posts via facebook

we’ll have to check for when other post is scheduled

and keep at least few hours distance between the posts

so if one post is posted or scheduled,

we should schedule it for few hours later

otherwise not so many people will see it in their news feed…

twitter vs facebook vs linkedin frequencies and culture

so of course these social media posting culture and audience is very different

we should not post in the same way to all of them

twitter is just a short text plus link , we can have many tweets per day but keeping the time distance between them

facebook post frequency to engage and show up in the news feed should be about once a day

linkedin is the most ‘slow’ and also the most serious, so the posts should be more formal as it’s reaching out for the different audience

some reference

(if we post too often, people will unfollow, or unlike, or simply they will not be shown the content in their news feed, or will just start to ingore the additional content)

Not surprisingly, 44% of the unlikes on Facebook is because a brand posted too frequently (…) Some research has shown that one post per day is by far the most effective frequency

@dorotea consider doing one

@dorotea consider doing one Facebook post between the hours of 6:30am-8:30am or as soon as you wake up. And then maybe an optional evening post which I can take care of.

if that’s too early let me know. that’s around midnight my time, and I could easily take care of it then.

let’s coordinate

@noemi @inge @vahagn let’s coordinate here ? :slight_smile:

if you want to post something on a particular day, and you don’t want to bother with editing a wiki, you can just post it in the comment here ( more easy to edit then a wiki, especially when it gets hudge… )

But we’ll know what are the priorities to post on the social media and for bringing the enganement here.

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keep in mind… The Agency is going to sell Twitterstorm solutions. so I think that this is heading towards a Twitterstorm type of event. it will be good to take this as a prototype for what we’ll do often…