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Towards Carbon-Neutral Smart Cities (Call for feedback on proposed festival session) (9)
Event: What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth? (4)
Edgeryder Festival Locations in Berlin ( 2 ) (23)
Edgeryder Festival Community Call - Reaching Out - 15th October (1)
Workshop on Service design in a climate emergency - What do digital services in a world of net-zero look like ? (3)
Workshop on Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work and what we can do about them - 19/11 - Brussels ( 2 ) (39)
Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design (3)
Frequently Asked Questions section to add to Festival Event Posts (1)
Summary of Community Call on the 1st of October (1)
Let's talk regularly! Our Community Call Schedule (2)
Hackathon for Ethical Solutions to Unethical Problems - 22/11 - Berlin (4)
Edgeryders Community Call - Deep Green Tech (5)
Community Call 17th of September - Festival Proposal Mini Presentations, Info and Feedback ( 2 ) (21)
What models for a data economy? Reflections from MyData2019 (5)
Where next for online identities? Notes from NGI Forum from workshop 1 (4)
Sex Tech Conference in Berlin (8)
Register for Edgeryders Festival (12)
Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: Invitation to participate in co-designing the Next Gen Internet track of the program ( 2 ) (30)
Community Call 3rd of September - Planning the Edgeryders NGI Festival Together (8)
Deep Green Tech Workshop (19)
Community Calls - Let's talk (almost) face to face (8)
Community Call 20th of August - Your chance to shape the Edgeryders NGI Festival! (16)
List of events July-December 2019 ( 2 ) (26)
Community Call - 6th of August: Moderation & Mediation versus Censorship & Tone Policing - keeping people safe from ALL kinds (8)
Upcoming Community Call 23rd of July: "Things about the Internet of Things" with Peter Bihr (6)
Discussion: Can platforms empower workers? (Brussels) (3)
Event in London: Opening up the law – Can tech close the justice gap? (1)
Art and Blockchain DAOWO Summit UK (1)