How to support Recovery of the Coworking Sector? An online summit bringing together key industry figures and wider sector participants

A Virtual Summit on supporting the recovery of the co-working sector in the wake of COVID-19, with an emphasis on the role of technology in that rehabilitation process. Three key groups are being consulted to be involved:

  • Co-working space owners
  • Technology providers to the co-working sector
  • Networks and representation bodies for the co-working sector

Before the live online summit event: Focused interviews with key players from the groups listed above. These will be conducted with a moderator and result in transcripts that will contribute to the final themes and discussions during the event on the 21st of July.

Summit sessions will be moderated roundtables with key industry figures and wider sector participants. Keynote introduction by author and industry advisor John O’Duinn.

Featured Participants

John O’Duinn , Founder, Mentor, Author, Keynote Speaker

Rowena Hennigan , Remote Work Educator and Expert, Webinar Producer and Keynote Speaker

Nadia El-Imam , Co-founder, Edgeryders and creative director for the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet consultation platform.

Co-working space owners

Nacho Rodriquez , Citizen of the World, Entrepreneur & Remote Work Advocate, Founder- Co-living and Co-working Canary Islands, Spain

Mayur Sontakke , Founder Co-living Co-working Nomad Gao, Goa, India

Technology providers to the co-working sectors

Jonny Cosgrove , Founder - VR meeting room software, Dublin, Ireland

Erin Westover , Market Lead Europe, Upflex, Berlin, Germany

Networks and representation bodies for the co-working sector

Gary O’Meara , Chairman NACEC, National Association of Community Enterprise Centers (and digital hubs), Ireland

Faye Alund , President of Co-working Indonesia, Owner of Kumpul co-working

A 2 hr online process to accelerate offline impact

Discussion & Co-creation

The virtual summit is organised using EdgeRyders events methodology. The process begins when an idea or solution is posted on the online event forum, sparking discussion among community members. Some join in, actively listening, asking questions or giving thoughtful responses. (This is a safe place and not for debating opinions or speaking for others.)

The discussion begins with first hand accounts of attempts taken to solve the issues at hand and moves to navigating the personal challenges experienced by participants. Nuances and the various different contexts surrounding these challenges begins to show.

Information analysis & Action

Next open source technology is used to make connections between topics being discussed, the people discussing them, places, projects, solutions and struggles. When we put this together, patterns start to emerge that help join these ideas and people to each other and to other information, skill and resources.

By the end of the process, participants have gained a richer knowledge and understanding of the issue they wish to tackle and have a blueprint to put their idea into action.

Format of the live online event

  • A Zoom meeting. We will send you the link after you create your

  • Not a panel, an open, moderated discussion. A moderator will give the floor to people who want to contribute something. Some have already volunteered (see list below, updated continuously). If you want to share your point of view, use the call’s chat to let us know, and the moderator will give you the floor. If you have a question to ask the speaker, ask it in the chat (better) or let us know you want to ask a question. Questions are taken before we move on to the next speaker.

  • We commit to doing a proper write up of the result (aka “documentation, or it didn’t happen”). Edgeryders also deploys its team of ethnographers for participant observation and note-taking.

  • Everyone welcome . We our coordinators will read everyone’s introductions on the online forum and use it to put together a summary in a way that facilitates networking amongst participants.

How to participate

The process with require 3 hours of your time:

  1. Introduce yourself & meet the others ( 3 mins)
  2. Participate in the video chat (2.5 hr)
  3. Leave comments on the forum sharing your thoughts ( 35 min)

Optional (+ 1. 5 hr): If you want to be involved in new opportunities for collaboration with other participants - you can come to the follow up call to explore ideas for collaboration born out of the process + do some follow up work

Register now

  • Create an account and write a short introduction to yourself here .
  • We send you the url and password to access the live online event.



This event is part of the NGI Forward project Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021.

You can learn more about the initiative and edgeryders role in it at

Gary O'Meara - Chairperson of Ireland’s National Association of Community Enterprise Centres (NACEC)
Coworking has the potential to be a great equalizer
Mayur Sontakke - Founder at NomadGao Remote Coliving & Startup advisor
Can coworking burst small-world complacency?
Faye Alund - President of Coworking Indonesia and Co-founder of KUMPUL
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The lineup of participants looks impressive!
Looking forward to the event: as a cowork space user I am curious to hear about the challenges faced at the moment, by the spaces themselves but also by their users: especially given that cowork spaces are at the center of entire ecosystems of creative freelancers who are also experiencing social distancing and loss of work during covid19.

Perhaps @manuelpueyo @bilal @Yosser @kai @shravan would also enjoy this session, as you are all super connectors in your own towns!
Registration is an intro of yourselves in a New Topic here.

you can also just post thoughtful comments to people’s introductions - the main thing is we want to facilitate meaningful networking ahead of the event (and be sure that everyone is at least familiar with one another’s work to ensure a high quality discussion)

First up:
Nacho: Nacho Rodriguez - Founder, Coliving Canary Islands & NomadCity Conference



ping @mayursontakke @NACEC @FayeScarlet @joduinn @jamieorr @nachorodriguez @robertkropp - check this out, we have had fantastic interest and registrations already. But we are keen to ensure quality engagement during the process (before, during event and after event) so we can have actionable outcomes. I am excited to see what new collaborations will emerge!

Please help to support this process by adding your comments, opinions and answering any questions put to you here on the platform :slight_smile:


We are organising a followup discussion on the topic of childcare that had been coming up a lot in the event:

Have a look and comment to register for the 21st of October.