“When it comes to work it is increasingly difficult to reconcile making money with making sense. People do work to make a living. Others do work to make meaning. But the two works are not the same work.”

The unMonastery is an ambitious and radical response to the challenge of bridging this gap. It draws inspiration from the 10th century monastic life to encourage radical forms of social innovation and collaboration. A sort of lay, off-grid mendicant order striving for a society that can better withstand present and future systemic crises.

This place-based social innovation, is aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence.

The unMonastery aims to develop a new kind of social space, akin to co-living and co-working spaces, drawing influence from both Monasteries and HackerSpaces, with a focus on the process of co-creation and co-learning between the community and unMonasterians.

At the core of the unMonastery concept is a desire to recreate the best social functions of the traditional monastery: by giving the participants a collective purpose, a chance to develop deep relationships with one another and a reduced need to generate personal income so time can be dedicated entirely to serving the local community and contributing to global efforts in creating new digital tools.

Click here for a list of current unMonastery projects. 



unMonastery Goes Transmediale


Yesterday, the unMonastery arrived in Berlin to take part in Transmediale, a festival for arts and digital culture. This years theme, CAPTURE ALL, looks at how our quantified lives unfold, how we make sense of a culture dependent on measurement and automation procedures, and how to act with autonomy within. 

[LOTE4 Tickets] Programming: Translate design into CSS

I will translate the visual design into CSS code and test it in the sandbox environment.

  •     Value of task: 1 #lote4 ticket

How to complete this task?

Nothing gets done on Edgeryders until we start interacting with each other. In the comment form below let others know if you will be available to do it, and the team coordinator will get back to you briefly with further information. 

[LOTE4 Tickets] Information architecture

We want you to see how the Edgeryders user's stories look like and propose a new edgeryders.eu site information architecture. This contains a new project of a sitemap for an Edgeryders site that fullfills the needs of the users presented in the user stories. For each page on the sitemap there should be produced a one sentence description of what info should be on each page.

Embedding EdgeRyders in the unMonastery Website

Hi [Alberto] and [Matthias] - I wanted to start a task to discuss how EdgeRyders could be integrated with the unMonastery website. The way I see it at the moment is that individual projects have a landing page on the unMon website, which is linked to individuals and challenges. Each project has a short description a video and associated networks (i.e Twitter, Github, etc). 

CheFare: draft a business plan for the unMonastery

The unMonastery Matera prototype has been submitted for the CheFare Italian competition, and last week it became one of the 40 projects shortlisted for the next phase of the competition!! More info about this phase here.

To increase our chances of winning, aside from collecting votes, we need to be able to show how the unMonastery can reach sustainability, and therefore outline a business plan which would answer key questions such as:

Icons for all 12 challenges

I would find it very useful to create set of nice icons, one for each of challenges we will address in this pilot session. Especially in multilingual environment using icons can help us all with staying on the same page. Later we could also use them on printed cards we could put on offline task boards etc.

Write 600 word article about unMonastery/ Edgeryders for the Guardian

We have been asked to submit an article to the Guardian for their local gov sections (60,000 Unique visitors/month) by Friday morning. The instructions are as follows:

600 words

1. What you are going - details?

2. What you've found? Any success so far?

3. Why what you are doing - you can talk about your broader approach to employment as you mentioned over the phone.

4. Based on the above, what advice would you give to councils.


unMonastery Goes Transmediale


Yesterday, the unMonastery arrived in Berlin to take part in Transmediale, a festival for arts and digital culture. This years theme, CAPTURE ALL, looks at how our quantified lives unfold, how we make sense of a culture dependent on measurement and automation procedures, and how to act with autonomy within. 

Staying at unMonastery - House Habits

At unMonastery we are working together as a group to establish a new model for co-living and co-working, which borrows from the history of the monastery as an organisational form. The unMonastery is an experiment at the edges of dominant economic structures. We share our skills and ideas. You share what you have.

un·Mon·as·ter·y (un-mŏn′ə-stĕr′ē) n. pl. un·mon·as·ter·ies

unMon in-a-box / IT Infrastructure

Okay I'm posting this here as a stub, taken from a document that @Marc sent me yesterday. Made some decent headway conceptually for unMonastery in-a-box in the past week, when there's a moment I'll post up an overview and time/date for the first remote working group. Also would like to do a hackathon at the end of June to put this all together.  

unMonastery IT infrastructure

All unMonastery units


• Remote server

• Host all unMonastery projects

Living and Working as an unMonk - Wiki

unMonastery Matera would like to find 2-3 creative, radical and ambitious people to live and work at unMonastery for June and July, 2014. We can offer a 400€/month stipend, with travel expenses.

Especially encouraged to apply: motivated and creative people from Basilicata and Italian speakers,

Scripting a presentations for the unMonastery at Next

We design together a TED-style presentation of the unMonastery to be televised (learn more). This is a wiki: don't be afraid to edit it. 

  • Duration: 12-15 minutes
  • Language: strictly Italian
  • Wide screen: yes.

The challenge is to imagine a format that can convey the unMonastery's magic and urgency. Representativeness is a low priority: no need to show everything, focus on the media-friendly, "pop" stuff. We would like:

Monastic Wisdom

Based on Cristiano's, Alberto's and Ben's respnses I will be sharing 2-3 times a week excerpts from the book "Essential Monastic Wisdom. Writings on the Contemplative Life", written by Hugh Feiss [Order of St. Benedict]. I will keep editing this wiki page and adding the new material at the bottom of the page.

The unMonastery - press, blogposts, videos, photos...

As we are approaching the launch of the unMonastery in Matera (yikes!) and we are gearing up for restyling the unMonastery website, I thought a wiki on the unMon's press material might be useful: videos, articles, blogposts, mentions, ecc. can be reported here, so that the websites editors can keep track of publiations. 

What is the unMonastery's Business Model? Exercising with CANVAS... and budget!

Although many of us cannot hear the words "social innovation" and "business model canvas" no more, there are times in which we are nonetheless obliged to confront with such idioms: and this is one of them, so I need your help! 

What is, in your perspective, the Business Model Canvas of the unMonastery? I created this as a wiki, so we can all edit it. 


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